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Aircraft Hangers

From private aircraft hangers to fleet operations, clean, safe and durable seamless epoxy floors add to both appearance and functionality of your facilities. Company colors and logos can easily be incorporated into your plans.  Hangers Mechanical and Inspection Facilities Pilots and Passenger Lounge Areas There is a huge variety of colors and finishes available. We

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Food Processing

Ease of maintenance along with FDA and Health Inspection compliance make seamless epoxy flooring and integral component of any food processing facility. Advances in anti-skid finishes and anti-microbial flooring make seamless epoxy the best choice for wet or dry environments, protecting products and workers. Epoxy holds up to daily cleaning even with high pressure or

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Garages and Showroom Floors

Repairing heavy equipment or showing off the latest models, seamless epoxy flooring is at home under the wheels of most any vehicle.  On the practical side, epoxy resists oils and transmission fluids and is easy to keep clean while it’s beauty and your choice of finishes make it the perfect complement to you new car

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Health Care Flooring

Seamless hard surfaces impervious to water, cleaning solutions, blood and biological waste, and highly stain resistant are the right choice for health care facilities. Durable and easy to clean they are found in health care facilities from the lobbies and waiting areas to the recovery rooms. Epoxy floors hold up under constant traffic and cleaning.

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Manufacturing Flooring

Floors that are clean, safe and durable enhance your factory/facility and work environment. Properly installed seamless epoxy flooring will serve you well year after year after year. The key to durability is preparation and we take pride in our ability to expertly prepare your floor so the epoxy materials will achieve maximum bonding. Our experience

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Public Venues

Durability, beauty and ease of maintenance make seamless epoxy flooring the perfect choice for public venues. Neither carpet. vinyl or wood can match the durability of epoxy flooring and new decorative options can easily and beautifully highlight any décor. Your return on investment multiplies when you consider reduced maintenance and replacement/repair cost. Architect and Design

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Restaurant Flooring

Experienced architects are featuring seamless epoxy flooring to maximize both design and function. Do away with dirty carpets or constant wear and waxing. We deliver color(s) and finishes that enhance your ambiance. Seamless epoxy commercial flooring is a very cost effective choice for dining areas, restrooms, lobbies, kitchen and food storage areas.  

Restoring Floors

Remodeling / re-purposing concrete floors in a facility may or may not require extensive repairs to the flooring to meet your new specifications.  This is where it is important that I see the floor and thoroughly review your options with you. There are often several levels of restoration available to meet your specifications and your budget. Restoring

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Restroom Flooring

Seamless Epoxy Floors are the perfect choice for commercial / institutional / public restrooms.  They are easy to keep clean, impervious to water and cleaners, will not absorb odors and come in a wide variety of colors, styles and non-slip finishes. Made popular in parks and campgrounds, now seamless epoxy flooring can be found in

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